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Updated: Sep 5

Quite often we know the product, the company or the achievement, but how much do we really know about the person who made it happen and the inspiring journey they've been through.

In August 2018, my family and some friends of ours were on holiday. However, in between booking the trip and going there, i'd managed to get a couple of tickets to see Coldplay in Cardiff. Having already missed out on a chance to see them, my wife Angela knew how much I was desperate to see them this time around. Being the kind-hearted soul, she said "You and Greg go, honestly i'm fine here with Julie and the girls. I can see them another time". What a wife! So off we set from the coast to Cardiff to see this epic live stadium performance I'd heard so much about. What an awesome night! It was a proper stage production to 80,000 people all inside the millennium stadium; with all the hits belted out. One thing that that struck me that night was the genius creation of those colour-changing wristbands that every ticket holder got as they entered. When the chorus of 'Yellow' was sung, everyones wristband turned bright yellow, when a 'Sky Fall Of Stars' came on, all our wristbands flickered bright colours. It was a stunning sight.

Our journey home that night was Greg, slightly worse for wear after a few beers and trying to nap, while I drove, and me asking him to try and find out who the guy was that invented those wristbands. We didn't find out. When we returned from our hols, the thought of the wristband creator didn't leave my head and eventually I scratched that itch by finding the person along with his email address and phone number, so I gave him a call. To cut a long story short, he agreed to meet and be interviewed, but how the podcast name came about and how my friend Sophie Gallagher and I came to meet to make our series what it is now, is a story for another time.

I'm really proud that our series of podcasts is finally available and that people with really inspiring stories could help your life in some way. These guys have taken a seed of an idea and watched them grow, made mistakes and got back up again. They've made bold choices, gone with it, connected with others and made things happen.

Enjoy x

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