The People Behind The Idea.

Welcome to the 'VIP Podcast', that's 'Very Impressive People', a podcast created by Jimmy Carpenter & Sophie Gallagher, where we talk to people about their impressive ideas and how they've made a difference to people's lives. Coldplay's concerts have been revolutionised by those colour changing wristbands for their live shows, but when did inventor John Regler come up with the idea and how did he pitch the idea to Chris Martin? It's not what you'd expect!


The man the New York Times described as "fascinating" Erling Kagge tells us about spending 50 days travelling over 800 miles completely solo, which he wrote about in his best-selling book 'Silence'. And, you've seen Johnny Depp's iconic look in Pirates of the Caribbean, but how did Greek make-up artist and designer Nikoletta Skarlatos become the 'go-to-girl' in Hollywood?


This series will give you the chance to learn, discover and be inspired by those who have gifted us with something special through an intimate interview. Enjoy x

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